W&H complete paper sack line of 2005 TuberAM2185+Bottomer AD2390+ Arcomat Palletizer

W&H Complete Sack line installed in 2005 composed of Tuber AM2185 + Bottomer AD2390 + Arcomat2 Palletizer. You have all photos and videos already sent with the same technical specifications.

W&H Complete multiwall paper sack line year 2004
Brand: W&H
Model: AM 2185
Year: 2004
4 plies
Stepped end and flush cut
Min-max tube width: 260 – 500 mm
Min tube length stepped end: 480 mm
Min-max tube length flush cut: 450 – 850 mm
Max paper roll width: 1030 mm
Max paper roll diameter: 1350 mm
Number of unwind stands: min 4
Core i.d.: 76 mm
Output: 350 tubes/min. The owner makes 250 tubes/min.
Max web speed: 300 m/min
Photocell for PCS
Rated power: approx. 80 kW (without printer)
Power characteristics: 400V, 50Hz without neutral
Required space: (4-ply machine): according to layout plan
In line printer
Brand: W&H
Model: Flexa 820
Year: 2004
4 color; currently equipped with 2 printing decks
Web width: 1370 mm
Printing width: 1320 mm
Print repeat range: 450 – 1500 mm
Output speed when equipped with fountain roller inking system: max. 250 m/min (depending on job specification and print related factors)
Materials: paper 40 – 250 gsm
Water based inks
Printing cylinders: 8×720, 7×730, 8×740, 7×750, 7×760 mm
Required space: per W&H installation drawing
Power consumption: 50 Hz 3×400 volts, without neutral
W&H Transystem 1
Brand: W&H
Model: AD 2390
Year: 2004
With valve unit
Type of valve: two valve types are produced by the owner – flat and tubular. The valve with PE liner is not possible to produce
Min-max tube lengths: 540 -940 mm
Min-max tube width: 320 – 550 mm
Min-max sack length (stepped end and flush cut): 410 – 740 mm
Min-max sack width: 320 – 550 mm
Bottom center distance: 320 – 600 mm
Bottom width:
For stepped-end sacks: 90 – 140 mm (valid for 3-ply stepped end sack)
For flush-cut sacks: 90 – 140 mm
Min-max valve length: 100 – 220 mm
Min-max valve cut-off length: 100 – 220 mm
Min-max roll width: 100 – 300 mm
There is a bottom patch but the owner doesn’t use because not requirement by the customers
With printer for bottom patch (2 colors)
Printing cylinders: 2×280, 2×330, 2×380, 2×420, 2×520 mm
Bottom cap: (option available against extra charge)
Min-max cut-off length: 180 – 450 mm
Min-max roll width: 80 – 180 mm
Output: with 2-drum delivery maximum 300 sacks/min (depending on raw material quality, product design and operator qualification).The owner makes 230 sacks/min
Packet frequency: with 2-drum delivery maximum 25 sacks/min
Capacity: up to 200.000 sacks/per day, 60 million sacks/per year
Glue preparation plant is not included
Required space: according to the layout plan
Power consumption: 35-40 kW
Rated output of drive: 25 kW
Connected load: 400 V
Weight: without bottom cap unit ca. 17.000 kg,with
bottom cap unit: ca. 20.000 kg
W&H Transystem 2
Brand: W&H
Model: Arcomat 2
Year: 2004
Min-max sacks length: 250 – 1400 mm
Min-max sacks width: 180-750 mm
Pallet dimensions (per W&H-pallets specification):
Min. 600×750 mm, max. 1400×1500 mm
Min-max empty pallet height: 100 – 180 mm
Palletizing surface: min 600×600 mm, max 1500×1600 mm
Max packet height: not compressed 180 mm, compressed 80 mm
Max empty pallet stack height: 1400 mm
Max stacking height: 2500 mm
Max stack weight: 1500 kg
Min-max working range of pallet press: 850 – 2500 mm
Stack pressing force: appr. N 10.000
Height of outfeed conveyor: 300 mm
Max output: 25 packets/min (The indicated output relates to a maximum packet height of 8 cm, to a maximum sack width of 50 cm and a minimum of 6 packets per layer on the slide table. Output may be reduced when handling products differing from the above specifications, when handling bags with smooth surfaces, or when pallets are changed)
Connected load: 43 kWa
Visible in production
Immediately available


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