Newlong mod 946+603 with in-line UTECO 6 color flexo with in-line handle unit for twisted loop handle bags

NEWLONG MOD 946T+603 with in-line  UTECO 6 color flexo mod. Onix 410IL of 1991 n° 858
Year: 1987
Machine number: 1190123
Cutting Lenght: 380 to 700 (600 when handle is attached)
Bag Width : 280 to 460
Bag Bottom : 80 to 220
Roll Paper width: 1390 mm
Roll paper Diameter : 1200mm
Roll paper weight: 60 to 130 gsm
When the bag width is minimum 280mm ; the maximum bottom width is 180 ,,
When the bag width is maximum 460, the minimum bottom width is 120 mm
When bottom widthis minimum 80mm, the maximum bag width is 360mm
When bottom width is maximum 220mm the minimum bag width is 320
When cutting length is minimum 380mm the maximum bottom width is 120mm
When the cutting length is minimum 380mm, the minimum finished length is 300mm
Production capacity without handles :180 bags/min
Production capacity with handles :150 bags/min
Production capacity varies depending on materials used
Machine dimensions: 5.500x14.000x3500 + printing group
Weight of the machine 19.5 Tons
Original constructor books with electric diagrams and spare parts list available

Perfectly operating

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