W+H Triumph 3G/SM for 1-ply and 2-ply SOS with flat handles

W+H model TRIUMPH 3G/SM  approx. of 1990.

Reel-fed SOS paper bag machine for flat handle bags.

For bag widths: 150  (180mm with flat handles)to 320mm.

Tube lengths without handles: 360 to 770mm.

Tube lengths with handles: 360 to 650mm.

Bottom widths: 70 to 200mm. Max reel web width: 1070mm.

For 1-ply and 2-ply SOS paper bags.

When producing 2-ply bags, the min. bag width is of 180mm and the min. bottom width is of 80mm.

For 380 V and 50 Hz.

Max speed:  approx.180 to 200  bags/min. according to the papers, bag sizes, paper weights, operators, etc.  

By using suitable bag sizes, the max production of approx. 70.000  2-ply bags in 8 hours will be possible and of approx. 60.000 bags  with handles in 8 hours.

With in-line 1 color flexo.

With the MMR system for the bag size adjustments and reproducibility.

With two unwinders with electromagnetic brakes.

Bag size change in less of 5 hours with two persons (for ex. from bag size 320x180x520mm to 180x80 x490mm). Visible installed but not in operation. Immediately available.

Letta 175 - 19/01/2024