EBERLE' Spiral and Cutting line mod. Valeriane SPCO 110/5/2100/VA of 1999

Complete spiral winder line for the production of  cardboard tubes/cores composed of:


  • EBERLE’ Spiral winder and multi-knives cutting line model VALERIANE SPCO 110/5/2100/VA of 1999

For core diameters from min. int. diam. of  10mm  to max ext diam of 110mm

For core wall thickness from 1mm to 5-7mm

Max rewinding speed: 80mts/min.

Cut lengths between 2 knives: from min 60mm to max 2100mm

Max cut speed: 30 cycles/min.

Number of spiraling belts: 1

Spiral angle vartiation: up to 50°

Circular knives with diam 75x30mm

Thickness of the knives:  from 1 to 1,5mm

Number of knive-holders included: 10

Total power of the drive motors: 28,5 kW

Tension: 400V 3-phase + earth + neuter


  • With Available unwinder for max 10 cardboard reels (not Eberlé)
  • With immersion type gluing unit (not Eberlé)


The above spiral winder/cutting line is immediately available and  can be seen in production until end May 2023 then it will be stopped and replaced with a brand new one.

Letta 422 - 21/04/2023