* W+H Triumph 3A S1632
* W+H Triumph 3A S1632 of 1983  but in very good working conditions, immediately available and visible in operation.  For the production of SOS 1-ply and 2-ply SOS paper bags. Including: 
2-ply unit
In-line 2 color Stack type Flexo
With bottom patch unit
With possibility of having the one color printing of the bag bottom 
Possibility of having the in-line ultra-sounds  JBM welding system for the woven non woven material welding
For bag widths from 120 to 320mm
For cutting lengths from 240 to 900mm
For bottom widths from 70 to 180mm
Bag machine sizes: 9,4 mx2,2mx2,3m. Weight: 9000 kgs
Absorbed drive power: 8,5 KW and max absorbed power of 10,5 KW
Reel max with of 1030mm and max reel diameter of 1000mm
Max  speed of approx  220 bags/min.
With forming plates from 120 to 320 bag widths and cut gears for all cut length range
Visible in production and immediately available
Letta 793 - 29/07/2022