W&H Mod. POLYREX SF LOOP HANDLE, STT, Punch Year: 1999

W&HMod.  POLYREX SF  LOOP HANDLE, STT, PunchYear: 1999 

Material type: LDPE; LLDPE (Borstar); HDPE

Foil type: sleeve, half sleeve, foil, bottom-top gusset

Bag type: punch, sealing loop handle; longitudinally sealing – hot air (top folded – upper switch)

Unwinder: width max.1.400 mm

Sealing type: shopper – teflon sealing

Width of the sealing bar: 800 mm

Speed: min-max: 70 - 150 pcs/min (Depends of Material)

Bag width: min-max: 250 - 720 mm

Thickness: min-max: 25 - 100 my

Bag height: min-max: 250 - 750 mm

Bottom gusset: min-max: 27 - 100 mm

Keeping the foil through the machine: double-sided FIFE (on the machine)

Core diameter: Ø 76 mm

Roll diameter: max. 1.300 mm

Printed foil: photocell

The sealing bar for bottom gusset bag: YES

Spare parts

Technical documentation:

- Electrical plan

- Instructions for use 1

- Instructions for use 2

- Instructions for use (drawings of assemblies)

  Visible in Production

   In perfect working Conditions

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