TI-QUATTRO Italy Mod. ST 1600/6 6 Col Stack type Flexo

TI-QUATTRO Italy Mod. ST 1600/66 Col Stack type Flexo

Year 2001

Sleeves System

Max print width : 1600 mm

Max passage width: 1650 mm 

Print repeats min-max: 390 - 1200 mm

Dia. Unwinder / Rewinder: 1200 mm

Max reel dia. 1200 mm 

Material: PAPER and Film

Mandrels :  76 mm and 152 mm 

Automatic Web guide : FIFE

Speed: 200 m/Min

Doctor Blades: 6

Pneumatic Ink Pumps: 6

Dryng System: Ellectrical

Motorised lateral register 

Cliche Tickness: 1,14mm and 2,84mm

Videocamera: BST

Anilox: 4x120, 2x160



Sleeves: 390x2, 400x3, 410x3, 420x4, 460x18, 490x4, 500x3, 510x6, 520x4, 560x4, 580x3, 630x2, 640x4, 680x4, 700x2, 760x1, 780x7, 840x2, 900x1, 920x2, 1000x3, 1020x5, 1050x2, 1080x2

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