Tuber St. REGIS Paper CO
Tuber St REGIS Paper CO
Tuber St. REGIS Paper CO. 1960's. 
GE inverter + 25 hp Baldor Super E. With 6 unwind stands.  2 surface perforation rods. Cross pasting + longitudinal pasting. Siemens PLC system with sensors for pre printed rolls. Rubber rollers.
Flush cut device ( 2 sets of new cutting blades) (1 set of blades for sewn bags with special cut for valve formation). 2x sets of gussets for up to 150mm. Min. and max finished tube widths: 300-600 mm (With: gussets). Min. and max finished tube lengths: 430-980 mm. Max reel dia.: 1320 mm- Max roll width: 1200mm. Production speed: 120 bags/min. 2hp air compressor with Eaton Accesories -Siemens capacitor for power factor complieance. Chain host with winch and railing system. 38 gears for changing cut length. 1 Glue pump for tuber.
TAIL end printer PCMC (not attached)
(4 colors, 2 working colors) (2 Anilox). Equipment for attachment of tuber to PCMC printer (angled driveshaft, extension bar, and gears). (attachment has to be finalized by an engineer). 
Installed and visible in production. Immediately available
Letta 1662 - 01/06/2020