OMET Handkerchief complete line, model FN 450, fully overhauled in the year 2016, CE certified

It can produce packages of 8 and of 10 sheets, with Inverter on each motor. It includes: OMET folding unit OMET FN450 of 1990. Max speed of 120 packages x 10/min. . Technical speed of 100-105 packages x10/min.. Handkerchief sizes: length 215mm x width 190 to 220mm. Tissue basis weight  min. 2-ply x 17grs, 3-ply x14-17 grs, 4-ply x 14-15 grs. Paper embossing. Double unwinding roller. Production capacity of  max 33.000 packages  x 10/in 8 hours (max 860 kgs of tissue). First packaging unit: type Cassoli PAC 510FZ (Italy) of 1990.Speed max 140 packages/min. Package dimensions: 55x110x25mm. Lamina: PE 28-36my, width 146mm, height 164-166mm. Second packaging unit: Cassoli PAC340FZ of 1990. Max speed: 24 packages 10x10 (200x10)/min. Packaging: 10x10 (it is possible to pack 6x10, 8x10, 15x10). Package dimensions: 275x110x50mm. PP lamina 20-35 my. Third packaging unit: semi-automatic Cassoli  IN 4B boxing machine of 1981. Willet  Labelling unit of 2002. Max speed: 300 pcs/min. Label sizes: 12-40x25-50mm (paper, laminated paper or lamina).  All the above units need the pressure of 4.8 to 6.0 bars and total 12KW/400V electrical power. This line is visible in production and immediately available. 

Letta 527 - 10/02/2020