Holweg RB2 approx. of 1980
Holweg RB2 approx. of 1980 with in-line flexo 4 colors Windmoller Holscher mos. 8050 of 1979 (working now 3 colours, new rubbers cylinders, 1 new anilox, 2 anilox in very good condition). With flat handle unit (width 14 cm), roll of paper for handles 4,5 cm. Originally 2 ply and patch for bottom (machine currently works and is visible only 1 ply, owner never used 2 ply). Bag width from165 mm to 330 mm (Owner run only size of bag 32x12,8x42 cm, so machine is now set for this size and tube length 520 cm). Max. width of paper 900 mm. Tube length, without handles from 300 mm to 680 mm. Bottom from 70 mm to 170 mm. With patch 18x6 cm on handle. Paper diameter 1200 mm. Parer grammage: from 70 mm to 90 g (Owner worked only with 80 g). Average production speed: 70 bags/min. Average time for the size change: can be 8 hours. No photocell for pre-printed reels. flexo and part for handles and patch is powered by servo motors driven PLC system with LCD display. Between flexo and machine is cylinder with tension sensors, connected to PLC system. New silent air pump for handles pushing during gluing. New and additional cutting knives for handles and bags cutting. Material for glue application. Renovated electrical substation. Partly renovated rubber rollers. For free ready for installation air pressure break for paper roll controlled by ultrasonic sensor (German producer). Visible in production and immediately available
Letta 325 - 18/04/2019