SOMA model imperia 1270 of 2011
SOMA model imperia 1270 of 2011. 8+0 registers controlled  color Gearless Flexo for plastic films and papers. Max web width: 1320mm. Max print width: 1270 mm. For solvent based inks. Print repeats: from 360mm to 1300mm. Max speed: 450 mts/min. Type of inking: enclosed doctor blade chambers with ceramic anilox rollers. Length and side registers by motorized remote control. Double spindle turret Unwinder with drop splice for max reel of 1000mm. Double spindle turret flying splice rewinder for max 1000mm reel diameter. Drying system: hot air. Heating source: gas burners. Included are: 1 set of sleeves supporting air mandrels.  plate supporting sleeves,  with 28 sets of each 8 sleeves with repeats from360mm up to1150mm plus  4 x 8 ext. diam. carrier sleeves from 520mm repeat up to 1150 mm repeat + 26 anilox with different lines/cm and volumes.  set of 8 carrier sleeves.  Wit  automatic wash-up system + web threading system through the machine + ink viscosity controls + web cleaning system. Visible in production. 
Letta 352 - 02/04/2019