Complete multiwall line Gartemann & Hollmann for valve and open mouth sacks
Complete multiwall line Gartemann & Hollmann for valve and open mouth sacks, composed by:

G+H Тubеr  model 501 of 1960.  Number of plies: 5. With stepped end and straight cut systems and  in-line 4 colours Flexo.  Printing lengths: 600-1100mm. Roll max width of 1400mm and max diameter of 1300 mm. Sack lengths: from 495 to 1650 mm. Sack widths from З00 to 800 mm. Reel diameter of 1300 mm. Production speed of 120-150 tubes/min. This line was totally refurbished in 2012 with new options like: photocell, possibility to produce sacks with internal РЕ film, tube width from 300 to 720 mm, with gusset of 100 mm. Overall dimensions: length of 36 m,  width of 4,3 m, height of 3.3 m. No transystem/in-line system between tuber and bottomer. 

G+H Bottomer  model 540 of 1975Sack widths from 350 to 800 mm. With  2 valve units.  Valve sack lengths from 430 to 1190 mm. Open mouth sacks from 610 to 1350 mm. Valve widths from 80 to 260 mm. With elevator and press system for the sacks. Valve with РЕ inside. Speed of 80-100 sacks\min. Number of colors: 2.   With 2 colors printing patch in the bottom for each side. With: compressor unit. No glue stations. Ideal for cement sacks. Can produce 25-50 kg. sacks. Bottomer overall dimensions  when installed in parallel:

- Length 43.5 m, width 8 m (П-shaped length = 23m), 3.2m - rest of line (20 m), height  3.4 m

Overall Bottomer dimensions when installed longitudinally:  

- length = 60 m, width = 3.2 m, height = 3.4 m.

With semi automatic pallettiser.

Visible in production.
Letta 518 - 26/10/2018